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Locate the fuselage doublers

Take the fuselage sides and place them so you will have a left and right one, then glue the doublers on the fuselage sides.

Prepare the motor mount by inserting 3mm nuts of your choice. Also locate the formers.

More formers and their position in the fuselage

Dry fit the formers in the fuselage (NO GLUE YET)

Place the bottom, top rear and top nose (picture is from first prototype) Fuselage 'clicks' together and alligns itself. Only some thin CA needed to make it a strong box.

Do not glue the top of the fuselage until elevator control is installed

You can decide for the sullivan cable or use a pushrod. HS81 MG servo used.

More test fitting to get a feel of the plane

Elevator/horizontal stabilizer pieces. You can choose to have a full span elevator by cutting the tips and glue to the elevator, or keep the tips fixed.

The support tab in the slot for the horizontal stabilizer is there to avoid breaking the fuselage in that area. When the fuselage edges are sanded to your liking, then you can cut the support tab and sand the slot smooth.

45Amp controller seemed a bit small, so upgraded to 80Amps for first flights… That also fits in this area.

Test fit motor and controller before gluing the fuselage top. Note the ESC support so Lipo can fit below ESC.