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Close control arms… only small throws are needed so large arm on control surface and small arm on servo

Slide the horizontal stabililze in place. Center the cut-outs in the lot for the vertical stabilizer.

Slide the vertical stabilizer in place, carefully make sure that the slots allign.

Mark the outline of the fuselage on the horizontal stabilizer.

mark the vertical stabilizer on the fuselage.

Do not use a knive here to cut the covering. Instead use a hot soldering iron with a fine point to cut on the inside of the lines drawn.

Repeat for the top and bottom of the horizontal stabilizer.

After using the soldering iron , the covering can be removed.

Covering removed. Note that the clear area does not run upto the hingeline, there is some covering in front of the hingeline

Use the 0.5gfk elevator reenforcement as mask and draw the outline.

Use the soldering iron again to cut trough the covering. Make sure you stay well within the contour you draw before this will make sure the covering will be glued also. Repeat on both sides of the elevator.