Xerces v1 Designed by Winfried de Vries

This Xerces v1 is my first own design F3P plane.
This Xerces is intended for people that do not have a lot of indoor experience so the risk of a crash is higher..
The v1 is a not milled and therefore a bit heavier, but it also makes repairs a lot easier.

The PDF plan of the Xerces is free of charge for personal use. DOWNLOAD
I can supply the CNC cut DepronAero parts for 12,50 euro excluding shipping
This is not a kit, depron parts only. You need to add your own carbon, glue and experience.
You can find the building guidelines here (in dutch): Xerces Building guidelines

Estimated weight is between 120-140 gram depending on the equipment used.

I used the following setup:

Motor Turnigy 2204
Prop GWS 8x3.8
Controller Turnigy 6A
Receiver Spectrum Ar 6400
Servo's Dymond 4.7
Battery Hyperion 160mAh

Required carbon for the Xerces,
you choose yourself for
- tube (=lighter but more expensive)
- rod(=heavier but cheaper)
Used forsizeAmount
(1meter length)
Landing gear1.5 mm diameter1
Wing Bracing1mm diameter2
Pushrod to elevetor/rudder1mm diameter2
Ail, fuse, tail brace0.7 diameter4
Aileron hingeline & reenforcements3x0.13 strip1