Vexer    Designed and produced by Andy Whitehead

The Vexer is a small EPP flying wing.
The Vexer is just a lot of fun to fly, very manoeuvrable and very crash resistance while still easy to fly.
This makes the Vexer an ideal plane for indoor Pylon racing.

Depending on the motor/prop the Vexer can take of verticale, allowing for a 'Le-Mans' kind of start.

A small drone motor with a KV of 3800-4000 is used on 2S-200/300mAh lipo.

Building instructions:
- Vexer build;
- How to create hinges on EPP using UHU-por

The vexer will weight just over 50grams. The following equipment is a good starting point :

- Dymond4.7 for Alevons (Elevator/Aileron combined) 2 required
- 1106/3800kv drone motor
- Small 4-7 amp ESC, ( turnigy 6amp)
- 3 blade 3 x 3 prop

Introduction Price for the Vexer is € 20,00

The following colors are available: