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New Models for 2020

F3P exper class
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The FatBoy II is designed to fill the gap between the Beta and the full carbon planes.
All the 'expert' parts are used like coax drive, removal of servo wires, smallest ESC and Receiver, but still using relative easy build with DepronAero/Carbon combination.

New Models for 2019

Ultimate Trainer
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The AirTrainer is designed to give new pilots in our hobby a good 'tool' to start learning to fly.
This will require some build-in behavior to limit the workload and make the plane predictable on the controls.
  • Long based landing gear, for stable starts and landings
  • Semi-symmetrical airfoil, to have almost no changes in elevator with changing power settings
  • Build-in expo on all control surfaces
  • Very stable on all axis
Hybrid F3P
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The Beta is a new design from FoamToAir intended for those pilots that can fly indoor schedules without crashing. The Beta is a step up from a full-depron model which makes the model much lighter, but also a but more fragile. The light weight however gives a lower flying speed, so more time to think and correct if you make a mistake.

New Models for 2017

high powered glider
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April - 2017: The Spilar, a lot of fun in a small package, it's not a glider, it's not a motor plane, but it's one of the most fun planes to play with that I have ever owned. The name Spilar is from the german Spiel what translates to 'play'

Powered by 4S Lipo, 160cm wingspan, 1kg
Newly designed Calmatow
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March - 2017: The Calmatow, the work horse for glider towing.
Powered by 10S Lipo, 225cm wingspan, around 5Kg's

New Models for spring 2014

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Newly designed Puma Alround model with wide speedrange


The Puma is a redesign of the famous Robbe Puma. This puma is completely CNC cut and will fit together like a 3D jigzaw puzzle. The fuselage is modified to have easy access to speed-controller and battery. The battery can be changed via the hatch in the nose.


This little plane proved to have very nice handling at both slow- and high speed. The Slipher does conform to the current (2014) E2K rules so can be used as entry level plane. At 1/3 power, the Slipher handles (almost) like an aileron trainer. At full throttle the plane moves like.... but is still easy to control.

Our models are now also available for mylar covering.
Reducing the weight even more.

The Dutch F3P team for the upcoming WC. From left to right:
Derk van der Vecht, flying MissPiggy with Glavak CR
Max Scholten,flying Disney XL
Bert van der Vecht, flying Disney


Dutch F3P, Season 2012-2013, The Disney and Disney XL is used a lot!


Xerces and Mini-Xerces