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The plane to be 'VT-Air Racer' design by Paul Tupker.

CNC-cut ply-wood in several thickness

The balsa parts.


Balsa parts cut and sanded.

cover with silk and tissue.

cover with silk and tissue.

Read part of fuselage glued together

Test fit of wing, nose section and tail section.

Mounting the landing gear.

Landing gear position

Drill small holes on each side of the landing gear wire, then use thin steel cable to bind landing gear to fuselage. Secure with CA.

On it's feet.

Cut a slot in the nose fairing.

Close enough..

Repeat for both sides. Note that the nose section is still NOT glued to the wing and tail section.

Bellcrank with limiters (not needed after all, current kit has larger bellcrank).

Wing after some layers of dope, some paint and clear finish. This is electro so no complicated paint needed.

Old fasioned but very effective hinges for the elevator. This makes for a smooth operating elevator.

You can paint the nose section before glueing everything together.

Two 'VT-Air Racers' ready for flight.

Both planes after their maiden flights.