Building Tips
There are many methods and many opinions how to build the best F3P/precision models.

On this page I like to share my experiences and hopefully this is for good use for some people.


Use very sharp knives

With the CNC cut parts you will not need to cut much. But this depron is very strange material. It will make your bladed dull after some cuts. So refresh you blades many times.

Hold back on CA (and use PU-glue) Each drop of CA that you will use on your plane will add weight. Take the test:
Weight the bottle of CA before you start building and when you are ready. The weight difference is added to your plane !!

My personal best experience is to use the 10 min belizel glue (green-tubes/black-point).
This glue will foam-up slightly and will fill gaps. Also it is not as hard as CA.
But the best is: You will not add much weight.
to be continued